JDG354 Brushless Alternators
JDG354 Brushless Alternators
JDG354 Brushless Alternators

JDG354 Series Brushless Alternators

Alternator Brand:GODLIKE

Power Range: 450kVA -862.5kVA (360kW-690kW)

Model 50hz/1500rpm/3 phase 60hz/1800rpm/3 phase
190~454V 100~240V/230~460V
kVA kW kVA kW
JDG 354C 450 360 594 475
JDG 354D 500 400 644 515
JDG 354ES 562.5 450 703 562.5
JDG 354E 600 480 750 600
JDG 354FS 625 500 738 590
JDG 354F 670 536 825 660
JDG 354G 700 560 862.5 690

1) A. V. R. (Automatic Voltage Regulator) controlled;
2) 12 stators outlet terminal can be rejoined;
3) Famous brand 100% copper wires;
4) 2/3 pitch winding suppress overfull neutral current;
5) Dynamically balanced rotor with sealed needle bearing,have both structure of single bearing and double bearings;
6) Reliable supplier with Quality Materials, and strict Quality Controlled by QC Dept. ;
7) Convenient installation and easy maintenance, easy access to terminal, rotating rectifier and coupling bolts;
8) Wide range of adaptor and single bearing coupling disc;

Main Technical Data
1) Rated voltage 400V, 110V-690V for option;
2) Three phase four wires,single phase for option;
3) 50hz/1500rpm and 60hz/1800rpm for option;
4) Anti-drip structure protection class: IP22/ IP23;
5) Insulation class: H;
6) Stable voltage regulation rate: ≤ 1%;
7) Transient voltage regulation rate: ≤ -18%~+ 20%;
8) Voltage waveform distortion rate: THD ≤ 3%;
9) Telephone harmonic factor THF: ≤ 2%;
10) Telephone interference factor TIF: ≤ 50;
11) Permanent Magnet Generator(PMG) is available as an option;

1) GODLIKE alternators are in conformity with International standards of BS5000:Part 3,GB755,BS EN60034-1. ;
2) GODLIKE alternators are Certified of CCC, CE, ISO9001,SGS;

Solutions and Using Environment:
1)Easily coupled with Industrial&Marine, Diesel&Gasoline engines, world first-class brand: Cummins, Perkins, Lovol, Volvo Penta, MTU, Deutz, MAN, Caterpillar, Yanmar, Kubota,Lister Petter, Doosan, etc;
2)Widely used in Industry, Commercial, real estate, hospital, hotel, railway, telecommunications, data centers and mining etc;
3)Above sea level: ≤1000m;
4)Ambient temperature: -15℃~40℃;
5)Relative humidity:≤90%;

Eighteen months from the date when the alternators are dispatched. Godlike will supply new parts for replacement within 3 days upon customer's complaint in the warranty.